Fennel, kohlrabi, & peas!

A hotter day than we’ve had in a while brings many new crops to the share today.  In addition to harvesting and washing, we weeded, spread compost on some beds to be planted with peppers, and began the process of trellising tomatoes in the hoophouse.  A good and productive day!

In the share:

The first beets!  Very tall tops on this variety (“Shiraz”), which you can and should cook and eat as well as the tasty roots.

Kohlrabi – I prefer to eat kohlrabi raw, but of course you can cook it as well (roast, steam, mash, etc.)  Peel off the outer skin, chop the interior into sticks for dipping or cubes for cooking.  Or you can grate it and make kohlrabi latkes!

Peas – a mix of snow and snap peas… and just a handful.   I actually prefer peas cooked in a stir fry rather than raw.  But of course they are good snacks raw as well.

Fennel – The tops are good garnish, but the real treat is the bulb.  Slice thin for salad or saute.  Or you can grill or roast the whole bulbs.  Try something new!  You might like it!

Salad turnips – Slice them into salad!  Cook those greens!

Green onions

Spring raab (broccoli raab) – Roasted in the oven with some olive oil and salt is my favorite way to eat this.  There are a few flowers on it now, but it still tastes good, so we picked it.

Romaine lettuce – This is a new variety to me this year “Dark Green Romaine” from Wild Garden Seed.  I like the density and flavor.  I’m hoping we can get slightly bigger heads out of future plantings.

The last of the big spring plantings is this week: peppers!  We’re putting out mostly sweet peppers (5 varieties I think) plus a little bit of jalapenos and padrons.  Most of these peppers usually have their main harvest period in August, September, and October.  After this planting (until a few big summer ones for fall) the main order of the day will be the parade of weeding, irrigation, harvest, wash, trellis, and repeat!

Enjoy the heat and these yummy treats!