Week 4 – grillin favas

Here is your share this week:20140610-142602-51962816.jpg


If you haven’t had grilled fava beans before, I recommend trying them that way as it is probably less labor intensive than other methods.  Here’s a link to an easy grilling recipe: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/grilled-fava-beans-recipe.html  Basically it’s olive oil and salt on the pods, grilling them on medium-high, whole in the pod, till a bit charred on both sides.  Letting cool a bit, and then tearing in with your hands like edamame: taking the beans out of the pod, and eating them whole.  Note: depending on the size/maturity of each bean, you may or may not want to take them out of their outer casings.

Often favas are sold big and mature when each bean needs to come out of its outer casing which is fibrous.I tried picking the favas on the young side so that hopefully some of them will be small and tender enough so you don’t have to take the individual beans out of their individual outer skins.  You can experiment and decide for yourself!

Also new today are the mustard greens.  Another braising like kale or chard, mustards have a spicy flavor that is muted quite a bit when cooked.  They’d be cooked simply sautéed with the green onions and/or the green garlic from last week.

Here’s a photo of the tomatoes getting trellised up in the hoop house.  20140610-142604-51964401.jpg