20131111-174142.jpgWell well we are well into the homestretch my friends.  You are noticing a lot of similar produce week to week now.  I hoped to have a bit more diversity for the late fall but due mostly to the clubroot disease issue some of that stuff is missing.  However, it is not over!  Still to come: brussels and winter radishes!

OK, what’s in the box tonight?  The familiar leeks and garlic, Mountain Rose potatoes (this will be the last of the potatoes for the year for Monday shares), Touchstone Gold beets, lacinato kale, a sweet or green pepper or two, a few tomatoes, the Sweet REBA acorn squash (some of these got HUGE like the one in this picture!), and the dramatic new entry this week: escarole!

Escarole is from a group of salad green plants called the chicories, which also includes radicchio, frisee, and sugarloaf.  You will see radicchio and sugarloaf before the end of the share, but no frisee.  Chicory greens are in general more bitter than lettuce, but they have a sweetness in the fall as well that I think is unbeatable.  To take a bit of the bitterness away, try soaking any chicory green in cold water for 20 minutes.  I like to dress it with a light olive oil, lemon, and salt.  Welcome back, chicories, it is good to see and eat you again.