There are a few new items in Monday’s share.  Romano beans and sweet onions.  The romano beans are like a big green bean so you can treat them like that.  They are a little on the big side, but with a little cooking I think the flavor will be ok.  2 whole pounds of them!  So you can get crazy with some pickled dilly beans if you want.  Or here’s another idea: Salad Nicoise.  This old french salad uses green beans normally, but you could sub these romano beans.  It also uses tomato, lettuce, and probably could have onion thrown in there as well.  Here’s a recipe:


The sweet onions are “Siskiyou Sweets” which is basically the same thing as a Walla Walla.  So they are on the sweet side and really great on the grill.

Also you’ll find a good bunch of tomatoes, head of lettuce, couple cucumbers, a zucchini or two, a bag of carrots, and a bunch of chard.