Fennel & lettuce party 6/27/13

Please take a look at Monday’s blog post for ideas for fennel.  Here’s the link: 6/24/13

In your share today:


fennel (w/ tops)

loads of lettuce – 2 heads of “winter density” the romaine, and 2 butterheads (you have either “optima” or “sylvesta”).

hakurei turnips

basil – just a bit — chop it up to throw on top of a salad or perhaps finish off a coconutty dish?  Or just have it with some bread and cheese.

snow peas – this will be the last of the peas.  This batch is snow peas, so they are great for stir fries.

kale – today’s cooking green is “white russian kale”.  I find it’s taste very sweet and interesting right now, and it’s quite tender so should cook relatively quickly.

Today I’m headed to pick up more T posts and twine to trellis the pole beans and outdoor tomatoes.  I’m also getting back on the irrigation train as we prepare for the heat wave!   With a little luck I’ll also get some lettuce and celeriac transplanted this afternoon.  Stay cool this weekend with some nice salads.  cheers, Matt.PS – REMEMBER THAT NEXT WEEK’S PICKUP WILL BE WEDNESDAY INSTEAD OF THURSDAY DUE TO THE HOLIDAY.