CSA share 10/28/11

Hey all —

My apologies for the tardiness of this note.

In your share this week:
– Chard – 1 bunch
– Rutabaga – small amount – the bugs got into these and we had to cut off significant portions of them
– Frisee – 1 head "bellesque"
– Cauliflower – ~1.5 lbs "cassius"
– Beets – 1 bunch with greens – (hint: you can add the greens to your chard for more cooking greens)
– Radishes – 1 bunch "hong vit" with their edible greens
– Salad turnip – 1 bunch "tokyo cross"
– cilantro – 1 bunch
– Celeriac – 2 bulbs
– winter squash – 1-2 "buttercup" depending on size
– Shallots – "Ambition" ~1.5#

Buttercup Squash

Buttercup Squash are part of the Turban squash family (hard shells with turban-like shapes) and are a popular variety of winter squash. This squash has a dark-green skin, sometimes accented with lighter green streaks.

Has a sweet and creamy orange flesh. This squash is much sweeter than other winter varieties. Buttercup Squash can be baked, mashed, pureed, steamed, simmered, or stuffed and can replace Sweet Potatoes in most recipes.

Matt Gordon
503-310-5766 cell

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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