CSA share 10/13/11

– broccoli – 1 head or small bunch
– cabbage – 1 head of the savoy cabbage ‘famosa’
– celeriac – 2 bulbs – see below for an idea for this one (also known as celery root)
– salad turnips – 1 small bunch ‘tokyo cross’ (similar to the ‘hakurei’ that we had in the spring, but ‘hakurei’ seed is hard to find now) — these guys are good raw or cooked. Remember you can cook and eat the greens, too.
– beets – 3 large ‘shiraz’ beets with their greens
– tomatoes – a few of the very last
– sweet peppers – 3 gypsy, 5 jimmy nardello
– onions – 3 sweet spanish ‘valencia’
– garlic – 1 head of ‘korean red’
– swiss chard – 1 bunch
– oregano
– marjoram
– hot peppers – cayenne, jalapeno

Here are 5 ideas for celeriac (celery root):

The salad with apples at the bottom looks really good.

As you can see from these recipes, you can cook celeriac or eat it raw. It is great for soups or grated fine in a salad.

what are you doing with your share veggies? post on our recipe page here!

see you next week, Matt & Michael.

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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