CSA share 9/22/11

Hello eaters,

Happy fall! The season’s bounty is really upon us. Best wishes with the food this week — we know it’s a lot. But we figure you are the people to share the farm’s bounty with right?

lettuce – 2 small heads of winter density – a romaine
broccoli – a small head (we’ll try a different variety next year — this year’s broccoli harvest has been small)
chard – 1 bunch
cabbage – 1 small head "gonzalez" – Now that it’s fall again, cabbage will be around some more.

arugula – 0.3 lbs
cucumbers – 1 small cuke – probably the last week for these guys
zucchini – 1-2 zucchinis – might be the last week for these also, though we may get some more next week – we’ll see.
fennel – 2 small bulbs

dill – 1 bunch
sweet peppers – 5 ‘Jimmy Nardello’ and 1 ‘Gypsy’
hot peppers – 3 cayennes (in the bag with the tomatoes)
carrots – 1 bunch of "Nelson"
Tomatoes – ~3 lbs of mixed varieties

Eggplant – 5 eggplants, mixed varieties (nadia, listada de gandia, prosperosa, diamond)
Basil – 0.4# — Basil will basically be done when it starts raining for real, so it probably won’t be around for much longer.

Onions – 2 Valencia (spanish sweet)

We harvested all the onions today and brought them inside to finish curing and to store. From here on out you’ll be getting onions in their ‘storage’ form. So the outer skins will be dry and intact and you won’t need to put them in your fridge.

Fall produce: Expect to see some more turnips, radishes, and cabbage again. Also some new friends will be arriving: winter squash, celeriac, rutabaga, parsnips…. Hooray for fall!

Remember the farm’s Harvest Party will be this Sunday 3:30-6pm (we shortened the times a little bit). Bring some food to share and utensils/plates and we’ll have a good time. A farm tour will be at 4:00. Bring anyone you like.

cheers, Matt & Michael…

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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