CSA share 9/15/11

Hi there lovely CSA’ers —

We hope you’re enjoying this interesting and abrupt switch in the weather. I have to say it’s very pleasant outdoor working weather. We are busy seeding our cover crop this time of year. We use crimson clover to grow a nitrogen-fixing carpet over any unused beds all fall, winter, and early spring. Then a few weeks before planting next year, it will get tilled in and turned into organic matter in the soil to help feed the next crops.

We’re also getting ready to advertise and sell our ‘season extension shares’ which will run every other week during November and December, totaling 4 pickups over 8 weeks. It will include collards, kale, cabbage, carrots, beets, parsnips, celeriac, leeks, winter squash (3 varieties), chicories (radicchios, frisees, escaroles), and more. We’re still figuring out how many shares to do and the cost, but start thinking about whether you might be interested.

Here’s this week’s share:
lettuce – 2-3 small heads depending on size (mixed varieties: australe, winter density, optima) – some of this lettuce is a bit bitter. Our apologies about that. This time of year it can be hard to keep lettuce sweet and tender. I think that a little dressing will do it worlds of good. And by the way, eating a bit of bitter things is darn good for you and most of us don’t do it enough: See here and here

broccoli – ~0.4 lbs — hopefully we’ll get some regrowth on these sideshoots for some broccoli throughout the fall. There is also another planting that will come on in 2ish weeks i expect.
dill – 1 bunch

lacinato kale – 1 bunch

zucchini – 1 medium large – these are winding down.

cucumber – 1 – these are winding down as well.

potatoes – Austrian Crescent fingerling – ~1.5 lbs

eggplant – mixed varieties: "Nadia" is the large regular shaped one, "Diamond" is the skinnier Japanese type, "Prosperosa" is the rounder, pinker one, and "Listada de Gandia" is the striped white and purple. You may not have all these varieties in your box, but you probably have at least 2.

Carrots – we are back to "Nelson" the variety we originally started with. I think my favorite carrot variety was the Scarlet Nantes of the three that we’ve had so far. Michael’s is the Nelson. What’s yours?

Tomatoes – a mixed bag

Valencia onions – a sweet spanish type – 2-3 onions

Sweet peppers – "Jimmy Nardello" are the long skinny guys that will keep turning more red as you let them sit at room temperature on your counter.

Jalapenos – 2 peppers

Basil – ~.25 lbs

Harvest Party @ the Farm!
We will be celebrating the harvest and the change of the seasons on Sunday Sept 25th from 3pm-7pm at the farm. We’ll make some food from the farm goodies. It’ll be a potluck so bring a dish to share if you can (or just come on by if you can’t). Bring your own plates and utensils as well. Our music fell through on us so if anyone has an idea of who might like to serenade us as we enjoy the last bit of September in the garden, let us know. We can offer some veggies in exchange.

Who has a good Baba Ghanoush recipe? please let us know at the Recipe Share page.

Matt Gordon
503-310-5766 cell

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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