CSA share 8/11/11

Here’s the roundup for this week:

– 2 heads of garlic – “Italian Easy Peel” variety — and it is easy to peel! I love this variety for its hot flavor and its quickness to peel. It’s a hardneck variety so doesn’t store as well as most softneck garlic

– swiss chard – 1 bunch…
– cukes – 4 or so various kinds. The long skinny one is “Shintokiwa” and is crisp and a little more sour. The smooth-skinned round one is “Diva.” “mideast peace” and “marketmore 76” are also among them.

– summer squash – 2-3 zuchinis
– lettuce – 1 head of “australe”
– cut lettuce – ~0.35 lbs
– basil – ~0.2 lbs
– dill – a big bunch! pickled carrots anyone?
– carrots – ~2.75 lbs without tops – that’s the last of the “Danvers” variety for now and maybe for the year. Next we go back to “nelson” I believe

– Eggplant – 1-2 small eggplants – these are just starting out, how exciting! You can expecting growing amounts each week for a while.
– Cabbage – “Famosa” 1 head
– Onions – 2 “siskiyou sweet” onions – these are basically like a Walla Walla – a sweet fresh onion, not so good stored, so i’d keep it in the fridge. We’ll be having onions most every week for a while now.

– Chives – 1 bunch (about 0.4 lbs)
– Flowers

Where are the green beans you say? Well, our first seeding was demolished by slugs in the wet wet June, so our second seeding is almost ready. You might see some next week, or maybe the week after. Also on the radar: the Gypsy sweet peppers turn from green to light greenish-white, to orange then to red. They are at the greenish-white stage right now. Also the sweet Jimmy Nardello peppers are looking bountiful, as are the tomatoes. Let’s just hope for more warm days and especially nights to help ripen them all up!

This week and last week we planted broccoli, collard greens, cauliflower, chicories, and lettuces for the fall. Even though we’re in the middle of summer, I feel the excitement for the fall crops already. The celeriac is sizing up nicely as are the leeks and parsnips. Winter squash, though it got a late start, is catching up pretty well and is busy setting lots of fruit.

Keep your eyes open for another email about our volunteer/tour/potluck day next thursday the 18th. Also we’re going to be part of a tour of gardens in the Cully neighborhood next Wednesday the 17th from 6-8pm. For more info go to: http://cnncoalition.org/neargardens/about.asp and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Or you can contact me and I can forward you more info.

As always, you can add to the recipe share page here and you can bring us your clean plastic bags, rubber bands, and twist ties on CSA pickup day.

Thanks and enjoy the produce!

Matt Gordon
503-310-5766 cell

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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