Week 26 Predictions

This crazy warm weather is ironically a bit hard on the vegetables. The warmth, paired with short days (low light) and wet conditions is not doing the cold loving vegetables any favors. We should still have some good ones next week though. Here’s my best guess: radicchio, chard, celeriac, carrots, arugula, onions and shallots. That leaves kale, mustard, turnips, parsnips, leeks and more carrots for the final week. I might be forgetting something.

Pictured above are a few remaining kabocha winter squash. We’ll have those available for sale at the farm stand along with some other extras.

Stay tuned for a video tour of the fields too, I’ll try to post that tomorrow.

6th Fall Share, Week 25

In today’s share: collard greens, carrots, mixed beets, a leek, watermelon radish, spinach and sugarloaf chicory.

A second week of big! chicory. The sugarloaf seems to have done well with the warm, dry fall. If you haven’t had it it’s a similar flavor and texture to the escarole, but a bit crisper. If you can’t eat it all at once it keeps well in the fridge, similar to cabbage. I’d suggest using the outer leaves sliced up for salad and then cutting the heart in half length wise and roasting it with olive oil and salt.

Watermelon radishes are another fall special. It’s a small crop this year but I find them nicest as a little accent and not the main course anyway.

This may be the last round of beets for the year, a mix of Shiraz and 3 Root Grex, and possibly not anymore spinach or collards either. We will have more leeks and carrots though along with a few more fall specials soon.

Week 25 Predictions

Three more weeks to go so we’re getting to the point where there aren’t as many crops left out in the field. It would seem like that would make predictions easier but there are actually a bunch of other confounding factors making it tricky to know what the best combination will look like until we’re actual out there harvesting.

That said, here are my best guesses for next week: sugarloaf chicory, collard greens, watermelon radishes, beets, and carrots.

Lettuce is pretty much done after today, we might have a few remaining heads for sale at the stand. The story is similar for a few other crops like sweet peppers, and tomatoes – a few stragglers but not enough to put in the shares. All three of those have gone longer than we planned though so it’s been a good fall.

Also on the possibles list for the next few weeks are turnips, celeriac, parsnips, spinach and kale – in addition to more carrots, mustards and chard.

It’s been a great carrot fall and I hope we’re not overloading you with carrots. They do keep very well in a plastic bag in the fridge (I’ve had them last months that way). If you’re not getting enough we have bulk carrots on special at the farm stand, come stock up!

5th Fall Share, Week 24

In this week’s share we have: chard, leeks, carrots, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, mustard greens and escarole! I feel obligated to put an exclamation mark after the escarole for multiple reasons. One is that it’s delicious, but also these are huge heads! If you haven’t prepared it before it looks like lettuce, and you can make delicious raw salads out of it, but it benefits from a little extra preparation, and it’s also much more versatile than lettuce. It’s more closely related to radicchio than lettuce, both are chicories , if that means anything to you. There’s actually a chicory festival coming up in Seattle if you really want to geek out on this topic (I do and I’ll be there – chicoryweek.com)

Mustard greens are another new introduction this week. Just a small bunch which are tender enough to mix into a raw salad, or if you’d like to cut the sharpness a little you could cook them a bit.

For more cooking tips on all of the share items remember to check cookwithwhatyouhave.com.

Thursday’s share should be very similar to today’s. I’m not sure if the tomatoes will hold out, but the rest should do fine – barring any super cold night between now and then.

Week 24 Predictions

Popcorn went out this week. If you didn’t already catch it check the previous post (a couple back) on how to pop it. It probably would benefit from at least a few more weeks of drying out before you pop it, but it does pop now.

For next week all of the fall crops are looking pretty ready to harvest. Fortunately most of them should hold in the field well so that we can have a somewhat even harvest over the remaining four weeks.

It looks like we have one more week of lettuce, and then we’ll switch to our selection of chicories. It’s possible one or two of those heading chicories (radicchio, sugarloaf, and escarole) might need to be harvested next week, but we’ll have to see. We have some good looking mustard greens and could possibly harvest a bit more arugula soon too. The chard still looks really good so we’ll probably go back for more bunches of that. The one green we’re waiting on to get bigger is the spinach.

There are a few different brassica roots that we have small plantings of and will likely be harvesting soon – a couple of turnip types and winter radishes. Celeriac and parsnips are on the horizon and we might even have more celery.

That wasn’t much of a one week prediction, more of a laundry list of some of whats in store over the next four weeks. Looks like there’s some rain in the forecast, so we’ll have to see how that changes things too.

4th Fall Share, Week 23

Todays share has kale, kohlrabi, carrots, hakurei turnips, tomatoes, two heads of lettuce, a sweet pepper and popcorn.

The kale is Lacinato Rainbow but we may switch to Nash’s on Thursday depending on how the rest of the planting looks. Kohlrabi will be swapped for cabbage or collards on Thursday. There are two heads of lettuce this week because we have a bit of extra and with all of this amazing sun it’s not going to hold well in the field. The sun ripened some late field tomatoes so there’s more of those even after I had given up on them. We picked the peppers hard the last couple weeks so they’re almost gone, and I’m not sure if we’ll have any for Thursday – although the sun is doing some magical things out there.

The weather looks good for the next week. I’m actually hoping for a brief rain break to germinate the fall cover crops. I wouldn’t mind more weather weeks like this though.

How our popcorn works

I just posted a few little video clips and suggestions for taking our full ears of popcorn and making them into full bowls for snacking. Check them out over on Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/Bo2QGYWBE–/