Predictions for 6th Spring Share

Lettuce, collards or kale, fennel, turnips, baby beets, snow and snap peas. Depending on what this predicted heat does the lettuce will either be green crisp or red butter on Thursday, and red butter or romaine on Monday. We’re going to try to get everyone collards but the current planting was hit hard by the slugs and perhaps some other pests so we may dip into the kale if we don’t have enough. We should have one more head of fennel for everyone, and the first beets are still small, but we need to thin them to get more to (I hope) size up so we’ll give out the thinnings and they should have tasty greens as well as little roots. We’re currently harvesting two types of peas: the flatter snow peas, and the fatter snap peas. They both have edible pods and are great raw or cooked. If you see the previous post you’ll note that Sarah, who grows the flowers on the farm under the name @hoverflyflowerfarm, grew sweet peas this year – those are not edible, but the flowers have an amazing fragrance, so three great types of peas on the farm this year!

We had a productive field day and got back to the business of irrigation, too. Between rounds of hoeing and hand weeding we also managed to plant more lettuce, and some experimental cardoons for the winter you-pick section. The first seeding of parsnips failed, I’m assuming it was the cold soil, so I reseeded those today. We also got stakes for the tomatoes put up, and the tomatoes in the hoop house got tied. Now we just need to get around to tying the rest of the tomatoes and knocking back some more weeds.

One final note about Thursday, I (Josh) will be taking a short vacation and the farm will be left in the very capable hands of the crew! I’ll still be answering messages and I’ll also be back on Monday. So good to have good support on the farm that allows any one of us to take a day off when we need it!