Good and Bad Farm Updates

@hoverflyflowerfarm has been selling her beautiful flowers at our farm for a few seasons now and she’ll be growing flowers at our little farm again this coming year, which is great news! Even better, she reworked most of our low hoops that we haven’t used for years, making them smaller and more useable on the farm! That’s a task that’s been on our to-do list forever – and she did it following the instructions in my new book #BuildYourOwnFarmTools from @storeypub. She sent me these photos and you should go check out her IG, too.

The last photo in the collection is the bad news. When she was at the farm she found that someone had cut the lock hasp on our tool shed, stolen some hand tools and our few remaining rubbermaid totes. Fortunately they were pretty targeted, left everything else and didn’t make a big mess. Probably a less than a couple of hundred dollars of damage all told. I was at @45thparallelwines the other night and heard a similar story – smash and grab earlier this week there, too. Weirdly it felt better to be reminded that we’re not the only ones.

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