The Farm is Hiring!

Update – 5/21/21 – We seem to have a full crew once again so I’m pulling down the link to the job description and application process here, but leaving up the post for posterity. If you’re interested in checking out what we do or volunteering in our hands on garden get in touch and we’ll be happy to have you out.

Ha! I’m almost a little hesitant to post another crew position as the last time I did it, just two weeks ago, we ended up with a net labor loss! An unfortunate accident at home for Tiiu and dream job offer for Adrian means that despite hiring a great new farm worker – Allison – and convincing Sarah to come work with us on her off days in May – we still have work for one or two more part time farm crew! I’ll make it way easier for the folks who weren’t able to figure out how to access the link last time – (link is no longer active)

One super nice, and unexpected result of posting the last crew position were all the comments from former employees who had great experiences working with us. We’ve been super lucky to work with a lot of really wonderful people over the years, many who have spent multiple seasons with us! This is not a full-time, high-paying job, but it’s great work for folks wanting to learn more about growing food and who have a couple of days a week they can commit to the hands-on, physical labor that involves.