We’re Hiring!

Matt and Martin are two of the folks who have worked to make the farm successful over the past three years. I realized writing this and looking back through photos that I have very few crew photos, I should remedy that this year, we’ve had a lot of great folks work with us in the past few years.

Update 4/11/19 – We’ve had a great initial batch of applications and I’m nearly through the interview process. I expect the positions to all be filled by the end of the month. Again, once the positions are actually filled I’ll take down this post.

We had a great season with a great crew in 2018, but unfortunately for us most of the 2018 crew is headed off to start their own farms so we’re looking for a couple of new crew members for 2019. A document with the job description and application process is linked to here. If you know anyone who is looking for part time farm work (Mondays and/or Thursdays), who has a good work ethic and is good with their hands we’ll be hiring someone for the “full season”, May through October, as well as summer, June through August, and fill in help. I’ll take this post down as soon as we’ve fill the positions, but until then feel free to pass it around.

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