3rd Fall Share, Week 22

A soggy start to the week and there’s a bit more than I was expecting in the share today. As expected, the chard, lettuce and carrots all continue to be beautiful. Peppers are still going, and might even make it another week, as are the Matina tomatoes from the hoop house.

Salad turnips were a last minute addition today, and the one I sampled was huge, very sweet and tender. Also in the brassica family we have cabbage today, although Thursday will likely see kohlrabi instead of the cabbage.

The celery is starting to show some signs of decline so we decided we should harvest the last of it this week as it will keep in your refrigerator better than it will in the field.

Leeks are the allium of the week and to round out the shares we’re giving out the last of the winter squash, as predicted. It’s a choice of two of the remaining three varieties, while they last.

I was hoping to give out popcorn today, but it’s so wet we’ll probably wait until next week, or maybe Thursday. It’s already a pretty heavy share and I was having trouble fitting it all in a bag after I took the photo. I’ll post a bit more on the popcorn later this week.

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