Week 13 Predictions

Summer vegetables are definitely here now. Tomatoes are starting to ripen more consistently and we’re starting off with Matina, an early red saladette type. We have four other larger slicers that should be in the shares soon and the first of those, as quantities are extremely limited, will be available at the farm stand. Cherry tomatoes are ripe in the u-pick patch! Please take advantage as they need to be picked regularly. I highly recommend sampling a variety of ripenesses as you’re picking to find your sweet spot. Consider picking a bit under-ripe and ripening them on your counter for a few days, or even a week, for a consistent supply.

Eggplant is finally producing enough for a decent share. We’re planning on alternating weeks with eggplant to get a decent amount for each share. We’ll start by thinning green sweet peppers next week, but the sweeter colored versions should be coming in a few weeks.

Summer squash and cucumbers are slowing down every so slightly with the shorter days, but they’ll continue to be in the shares for at least another month before they’re gone until next year. Onions will become a weekly staple for a bit. Next week we should have a round of beets. The variety is 3 Root Grex, a cross between three varieties really with multiple colors and shapes and a sweet, earthy flavor.

We’re on the edge of a gap in our lettuce plantings but we should still have some next week. Basil is the other green/herb that will likely be in the share next week (at least for Monday), so good with the tomatoes and summer squash!

Remember that we have culinary herbs and flowers in the u-pick as well. There are plenty so don’t be shy, and feel free to take some for drying for the winter as they’re in peak condition right now. The herb flowers are useable as well, and several of the cut flowers are edible and make salads and cakes beautiful!

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