Interested in learning a bit about growing food?  It’s a great chance to get outside, socialize, meet your neighbors, and learn small farming techniques.

We have had a number of great volunteers come to the farm on a weekly basis and help us out with harvest or other farm tasks in exchange for farm knowledge and some of our surplus produce. We are open to more. It can be time-consuming to train people in harvesting techniques and other farming skills so we prefer volunteers who have an interest in gardening and farming and can come on a weekly basis for one month or more. Email us at info (at) cullyneighborhoodfarm.org if you’re interested and we can set up an informal work session at the farm to see if volunteering would work for you and for us.

Volunteering usually takes place at the farm location but we’re also open to help with graphic design, marketing, maintenance and construction, and a variety of other skills you may have to offer.

One of our volunteers doing some hoeing