Farmers Market

We are no longer selling at the Cully Community Market or any other farmer’s markets for the 2011 season.

UPDATE: The Cully Community Market is moving to NE 42nd & Killingsworth for the 2011 season.

This market had it’s first year in 2010 located in the Cully Neighborhood in the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran Church. It’s small and friendly and was in a stone’s throw of the farm!  If we didn’t have something we could run across the field, cut if for you, and be back within a couple minutes.  There were some other great vendors doing flowers, berries, other mixed produce, beans, tamales, massage, and there were community tables where you can bring whatever you have to sell (besides processed food) to the market. Thanks to all the great volunteers who put this market together!

This year some new and exciting vendors have been added, SNAP has been added, and the new location has been a great boost.

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