CSA Share 2017





  • 28 weeks of fresh local produce mid-May through mid-November
  • Share pickup location is at the farm: NE 55th & Killingsworth – Mondays or Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm.
  • Cost is $610 ($160 due to hold your spot, and then the balance of $450 due June 1st, or set up a payment plan), payable by check, card, paypal, cash, or SNAP.
  • CNF uses ecological and sustainable methods.  We don’t use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  We use organic practices such as cover cropping, crop rotation, purchasing organic seed, etc.
  • We grow a wide variety of vegetables: basil, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celeriac, celery, collard greens, cucumbers, eggplant, escarole, fava beans, fennel, garlic, green beans, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, mustard greens, onions, pac choi, parsley, parsnips, peas, peppers, potatoes, radishes, salad greens, scallions, shallots, summer squash & zucchini, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, and winter squash.
  • To sign up, click here.


Do you want to

  • decrease the distance your food travels?
  •  eat nutrient-dense, fresh vegetables on a regular basis?
  • be more connected to your food, your community, your place, and the seasons?

Joining a Community Supported Agriculture farm is a great way to do all of these things and more!

Cully Neighborhood Farm is pleased to offer our 6th season of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Become a member and enjoy ~28 weeks of fresh, seasonal, very local, and sustainably grown vegetables directly from our NE Portland farm.  CSA is basically a way for eaters to directly connect with the farm.  CSA members pay in advance for the farm’s produce.  Then each week the members receive a portion of the fresh-picked produce.  We have space for 60 CSA shares this growing season that will include a wide variety of vegetables.  We grow on ~1 acre in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland using organic and ecological practices.  You can read more about Cully Neighborhood Farm here.

For all the nitty gritty details of being a CSA member, read our Member agreement here: Member Agreement 2017


Shares are picked up at the main farm site (access through the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran Church @ 5520 NE Killingsworth).  Your pickup will be either on Monday or Thursday.  Pickup time is tentatively 4:30-6:30pm. The CSA will start in mid-May and go through November.  It will be an every week pick up, except for the last 4 weeks, which will be every other week (basically the month of November).

At the CSA pickup, produce is set out on tables in bulk bins.  There are signs telling you how much of each vegetable to take.  CSA members proceed along the table, putting the appropriate amount of each crop into their bags (we’ll have extra on hand if you forget).  This method saves us the time of pre-packing members’ bins, and avoids the vegetables being packed twice (once by us into bins and once by you from the bin into your bags).

If you are an employee of Oregon Food Bank we will most likely be delivering individually packed shares to your office location on NE 33rd.  Please inquire for details: matt@cullyneighborhoodfarm.com


There is just one share size.  Each week the share will include about 7-10 different vegetables.  We grow 100+ varieties of over 30 types of vegetables.  The share should provide enough for two adults who cook with vegetables often, one adult who is a voracious vegetable eater, or for a family of 4-5 who cook less frequently.  If you are just one or two people that don’t eat many veggies, you might want to find a friend or neighbor with whom to split the share.    See below for more information on estimated quantities.  Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about the amount of food to expect.

Here are some example shares for you to get a sense for the approximate quantities planned for the shares in different parts of the season.  The photos are of actual shares (which always differ from the plan!)

Early June: 1 head lettuce, 1 bunch mustard, 1 lb fennel bulb, 1/2 lb green onion, 1/2 lb peas, ½ lb radishes, 3/4 lb turnips, 1 head pac choi

Here’s an early June share:


August: 2 lb tomatoes,  1 lb eggplant, 1 lb carrots, 1 lb summer squash, 1 lb cucumbers, 1 bunch swiss chard, 1 lb fresh onions, 1 head lettuce

An actual share from August:


October: 2 lb potatoes, 1 lb sweet peppers, 1 bunch collard greens, 3 lb winter squash, 1 lb celeriac, 1 bunch beets, 1.5 lb leek, 1 head escarole

Here’s one from October:


Please see our online newsletter history to get a detailed sense of what we have delivered to our CSA members in the past.  You can scroll back in time through the 2016 season and even back before that as well.  Also here is our projected harvest list week by week for 2017: HARVEST PROJECTIONS.  Note this is just a projection we use for planning and actual shares will vary depending on many factors.

We focus on growing varieties that are delicious, productive, and resilient in our climate.  Often this means heirloom varieties or varieties that have been bred locally by trusted breeders.  I try to grow special varieties, some of which you might not easily find in grocery stores.

Joining a CSA is a bit like investing in a farm for the year, which is not without risk.  Each growing season has its unique challenges. Sometimes a crop here or there may fail due to weather or other conditions beyond our control. And sometimes there may be a ‘bumper crop’ with greater bounty than expected. We are committed to growing a diversity of produce throughout the season to the best of our abilities, buffering against the occasional mishap.

For all the nitty gritty details of being a CSA member, read our Member agreement here: Member Agreement


This year’s share costs $610 (this works out to $21.79 per week for 28 weeks).  A $160 initial payment is requested to hold your spot.  To sign up and pay, click here.

If you have SNAP/EBT, you can pay for CSA with SNAP funds thanks to the Portland Area CSA Coalition. Also you may qualify for matching funds which reduces the cost of a CSA share for people new to CSA by up to $200.  See our sign up page for more details.


Nutrition – Cully Neighborhood Farm is committed to growing nutrient dense food by properly balancing the nutrients in the soil.  We add organic soil amendments, compost, and cover crops to improve the soil health.

Sustainability – We are a small-scale farm working to decrease our ecological footprint.  We do this by growing food inside the city, working with human-powered tools whenever possible, sourcing our inputs as locally as possible, picking produce fresh so we don’t need on-farm refrigeration, and providing habitat and food for birds and insects.  We envision a future in which every neighborhood has a number of small urban farms which provide healthy, sustainable, local food and meaningful, local work for residents.

Connection to Your Food – Want to know where your food comes from or how it’s grown? You’ll be able to talk to your farmer directly and visits to the farm can be a fun and educational experience. You will find that you are eating what’s seasonally available, tasting the seasons of the farm and your bioregion.

Sustainable income for the farm – The CSA model help smooth out the financial wrinkles of farming. It also establishes a direct relationship between growers and eaters.

More info on the CSA concept can be found here.


Will there be add-on items?

In 2016 we worked with Terra Farma to provide an egg add-on, which we hope to do again.  Additional add-on items may be possible (TBA).

What if I go on vacation?

Please read our Member Agreement

Can I volunteer?

The short answer is yes!  There are always plenty of tasks on a farm.  All it takes is a willingness to do what’s needed.  We’ll let you know of occasional workparties at the farm for you to jump in on.  If you are interested in volunteering at other times please get in touch: matt@cullyneighborhoodfarm.com

Farm Gatherings:

I hope to arrange at least one gathering at the farm during the summer or fall for CSA members.  Please let me know if you might be interested in helping to organize this.

Can I buy your produce if I’m not in the CSA?

I’m hoping to host a weekly farm stand in 2017.  Stay tuned to this website and our email list for more details as we approach May/June.

Can I apply previous farm credit to this year’s CSA price?

Yes.  Please contact me for details.


Matt Gordon – owner & grower
Cully Neighborhood Farm

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.