SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks!

Do you receive SNAP and have an interest in being a CSA member?  Cully Neighborhood Farm is now able to accept SNAP/EBT for CSA thanks to the Portland CSA Coalition!  In addition, if you were not a part of a CSA in 2015, you are eligible for Double Up Food Bucks, a matching program which doubles the purchasing power of CSA members who pay with SNAP by $200 a year! Double Up Food Bucks provides matching money to local CSA farms such as Cully Neighborhood Farm, making CSA more affordable while helping farmers earn a living. Our CSA share costs $550, but will only cost you $350 with Double Up Food Bucks.  For more info, check out our sign up page, or email:

General info on the Double Up Food Bucks program can be found here:

Barnraiser Tractor Fund Update

I’m excited. I’m getting the details of our walkbehind tractor and implement purchase together. I’ve sent a downpayment! I’m drawing up plans for a shed extension to house the new equipment. I feel supported and grateful. Thank so much to all who have given to our Barnraiser campaign!

So far we have raised $3600, exceeding our initial $3300 goal!  Thank you so much!  BUT HEY! We are still fundraising until January 8th to reach our STRETCH goal!  Why? Because the true cost of this project is ~$10,500. I’ll be taking on debt to fund whatever is not contributed. Help this little farm focus on being a model of hyper-local sustainable food growing! THANK YOU AND SHARE THE NEWS!

PS – Did I mention we have lots of great rewards?  Organic T-shirts, farm-grown seeds, garden consults, flowers and produce from the farm, and more!

harrow_2_large data

Check out our tractor fund campaign!


I’m super excited to launch our new tractor & implement fund campaign on Barnraiser!  Please head over and check it out and consider making a donation to help this farm and our local food system step up to the next level of productivity.

As many of you know, I took a part-time job a little over a year ago with Rogue Farm Corps, coordinating a farm internship program that helps train new farmers.  That change, coupled with raising a young daughter, caused me to shy away from doing CSA at the farm in 2015.  However, now with our daughter a bit older and a year under my belt at the new job, I feel confident (with the addition of some other hands on deck) that we can dive full throttle back into the farm game.  But in order to do this farm business justice, we need some new equipment.

This is where the crowdfunding campaign comes in.  Here’s the link:

Our old walk behind tractor and tiller are great workhorses and I intend to keep them around, but continued rototilling of the soil has some negative aspects that I’d like to avoid.  The rotary plow and power harrow are two soil working implements that will help remediate the issues that tilling causes as well as allow me to build raised beds efficiently.  The other implement I’m really excited about is the flail mower, which will replace our current mowing tool: the basic lawnmower, which is NOT designed for mowing down thick crop residues or cover crops.  The flail mower can chew up basically anything into tiny pieces, ready to be broken down by soil organisms.  These new implements need to be run by a larger walk-behind tractor than my current model.  I’ll also need to build a new shed to house the new equipment.

Please do take a moment to visit the campaign, share it with friends, and consider a donation.  There are some great thank you rewards on there as well.

I look forward to working with these new tools and growing a whole lot of great food for my neighborhood in the next year.  Stay tuned for more farm announcements and project updates as we move through December.  And as always, thank you for your support of neighborhood-based food production!

Time Changes & 2 more weeks until the end of the season

The Farm Stand hours are changing to 3-5pm Mondays as the light dwindles.

Community Farming hours are also changing to Mondays 1-4pm.

Community Farming & the Farm Stand will both have their last day on Monday November 9th.

If you’re interested in hearing about produce available for sale after November 9th, please shoot me an email:

I still have pie pumpkins, winter squash, red & yellow storage onions, garlic, green onions, hot & sweet peppers, collards, mustard greens, and beets….

The crimson clover crop is beginning to provide a thin green-hued blanket on most of the farm fields now.  We are signing another 3 year agreement with Trinity Lutheran Church & School to use this amazing piece of ground!  Thanks so much for all your support.  Stay tuned for more updates this winter.  CSA will be returning in 2016!  Hurrah!


Butternut squash curing in the greenhouse


Amazing farm neighbor Beth with her bushel of greens!

Pumpkins! Mustard greens! Peppers!


Community Farming star volunteer Adam with the big spread from last week

And many other lovely veggies at today’s farm stand!  Come on down 5-6:30pm!  There will be radishes, onions, summer squash, cilantro, spinach, kale, chard, garlic, basil, tomatoes, and more!

The farm and farmstand is way back behind Trinity Lutheran Church @ 5520 NE Killingsworth.

Happenings at Cully Neighborhood Farm…


Above: A great community farming group we had last week harvesting the dry field corn!

Today’s farm stand should have: lettuce heads, arugula, beets, cilantro, winter squash/pumpkins, onions & green onions, garlic, potatoes, peppers (hot & sweet), tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers, eggplant, swiss chard…  Hope to see you today 5-630pm at the farm behind Trinity Lutheran Church (NE 55th/Killingsworth).

Community farming volunteer drop-in hours are 3-6pm today as well as usual.  Plug into farm tasks and go home with free produce!

Both the farm stand and community farming will continue until Oct 26th at least!  So you have a few more weeks to get your veggie fix!


Fresh @ the Farm this week…

This Monday’s produce stand at the farm will include: potatoes, green beans, beets, cucumbers, onions, hot and sweet peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes, radishes, swiss chard, basil, lettuce heads, arugula, winter squash, and sunflowers for sale.

As always you can buy produce on Mondays at the farm from 5-6:30pm.  Also if you want FREE produce and some farm experience, 3-6pm on Mondays is the community farming drop-in time for volunteering.  The farm is located way back behind Trinity Lutheran School & Church @ 5520 NE Killingsworth.